Indy DPW Committee
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The Indy DPW committee serves as the liaison between ACEC Indiana members and Indy DPW staff. 

Chairman: Zach Wolf

 2018-19 ACEC Indiana Committee PDH Certification

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  Session Topic Speaker
 Introduction/ Opening Remarks Melody Parks, David Borden
 General Topics David Borden
 Citizens Water Lead Service Lines  

Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR)

Patrick Faster 
 ADA Ramp Construction- PROWAG & Complete Streets     Ordinance Mark Zwoyer, Indy DPW
 NOI, NOS, NOT, SWPPP & Introduction to INDOT’s RPR       Certification for Rule 5  Kathy Allen, Indy DPW
  Utilities Theresa Mendoza,  Indy DPW
  Concrete Joint Repair Dos and Donts
Mike Byers, ACPA
 CIP Software/Inspection Client Jim Lutterbach, Indy DPW
 Case Studies and Project Discussions David Borden, Indy DPW

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Design Memos

Indy DPW Design Memos 2018.09 and 2018.10

Indy-DPW Design Memos 2017.04 Revised Curb Ramps

Indy-DPW Design Memos 2018.03

Indy-DPW Design Memos 2018.02

 Indy-DPW Design Memos 2017.13

Indy-DPW Design Memos 2017.11 2017.12

Indy-DPW Engineering Org Chart 


Indy DPW RPR Training 2017

RPR Training - General Comments_ David Borden

DPW Base Repairs_ Ken Walschlager

ADA_Mark Zwoyer

DPW Bridge Inspection_ Frank Rankin

Stormwater NPDES_ Kathy Allen

Traffic Signal Construction Inspection_ Terry Condre

Experienced 2017 RPR Training Lessons Learned_ David Borden and Todd Wilson

Inspecting Stormwater Projects_ Rachel Wilson

RPR Training 2017 Evaluation


Meeting Minutes Oct. 27, 2016

Agency Meeting Minutes Sept. 20, 2016


 Indy DPW RPR Training 2016

Quality Control Independent Assurance Testing, Dan Westphal

ADA, Jason Koch

Stormwater NPDES Compliance Rule 5, Kathy Allen

Lessons Learned, Todd Wilson and David Borden

Inspecting Stormwater Projects, Rachel Wilson and Julie Petree

HMA Base Repair, Dudley Bonte