Annual Recognition Awards
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Each year, ACEC Indiana recognizes the leaders of the engineering community by presenting an Annual Recognition Awards program. These awards presented at this event can include the following:

  • Consulting Engineer of the Year Award – Honors an ACEC Indiana member who is not a current officer, but has made a significant contribution to the field of consulting engineering in Indiana. Click here to view all winners
  • President’s Award - Established in 1991 to pay special recognition to an individual for his/her engineering accomplishments over the years. Click here to view all winners
  • Public Service Award - Honors an individual affiliated with a university, state or local government who is not an ACEC Indiana member, but has made an outstanding contribution to the practice of engineering. Click here to view all winners
  • Sagamore of ACEC Indiana Award - Established in 1998 to honor a person who has helped elevate the engineering profession, created goodwill towards ACEC Indiana or the profession, or advanced the cause of engineers or engineering issues and who is not a practicing engineer or not in public service. Click here to view all winners
  • Virgil “Gus” Grissom Award - Established in 2005 to honor a person who is not an ACEC member but has supported and assisted in the Professional Engineering Industry in moving into a new frontier. Click here to view all winners
  • Young Engineer of the Year-  Established in 2016 to acknowledge an engaged ACEC Indiana member 35 and younger for their outstanding talents, skills and abilities the next generation of engineering leaders.

 2016 Winner- Alex Kline, P.E., Infrastructure Engineering 

 2018 Winner- Mary Kerstein, P.E., CHA 


2018 Awards Winners:


Consulting Engineer of the Year: Cheryl Cunningham, PE

Cheryl is Immediate Past President of ACEC Indiana and currently functions in a Business Relations role at Etica Group.  During Cheryl’s presidency, ACEC Indiana and its road funding partners successfully passed a long term, dedicated and adequate investment in state highway and local road infrastructure. Cheryl was also at the helm as ACEC Indiana embarked on a mission to update the association’s Strategic Plan and also served as the Board Liaison for the newly created Membership Engagement Committee. In addition to her efforts with ACEC, Cheryl recently founded and serves as president for “I Can Be An Engineer,” a 501(c)3 not for profit founded to inspire young minds to learn about engineering. Cheryl introduces the concept of engineering to K-2 by reading her published books about engineering, then discussing the wonderful opportunities engineering can bring. 



Young Engineer of the Year Award: Mary Kerstein

Mary’s involvement is well-rounded and parallels ACEC Indiana’s mission and objectives. Mary uses her knowledge and expertise to benefit young professionals, advance the goals of the professional engineering community and give back to local communities and the public. Mary is an active member of Women’s Transportation Seminar of Greater Indianapolis for four years and currently serves as vice president. Her passion for encouraging young women to go into STEM-related fields is why she is a very active member of a number of young professional/education committees in professional and industry organizations, including the Young Professionals Committee for Aviation Indiana and the Education Committee of ACEC Indiana.



Sagamore of ACEC Award: Kristen Walker

Kristen is a Professional Liability and Property & Casualty Insurance Agent with Walker & Associates, which is an ardent supporter of ACEC Indiana’s efforts in many ways. Kristen specializes in the A/E and Construction Sectors, having nearly 15 years of experience in helping clients protect their businesses from all kinds of mayhem. Kristen  spearheaded the technical expertise needed to try to get HB 1015 Indemnity and Duty to Defend passed. Kristen spent countless hours participating in briefing meetings with allies and opponents, to testify before the Indiana General Assembly, and to continually educate legislators and constituents on the issue. Kristen also served as a co-chair for the newly created ACEC Indiana Membership Engagement Committee. 


Click here to view all Past Presidents of ACEC Indiana  


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