TMap FAQ For Current Subscribers

How is the campaign performing?

Overall TMap is encouraged by the response to the campaign, and TMap is working very hard to increase the volume of relevant candidates you see in your firm's portal.  Thus far, TMap has engaged more than 10,000 individuals, and have received more than 300 applications from candidates who are interested in participating in the unique program.  As of Jan. 20, 2020, TMap has presented 25 candidates to ACEC Indiana subscribing member firms. 

Do I receive communication each week from TMap regardless of if a new candidate is presented?

All firms will get an email from Ed even if they do not have a candidate match that week.

Why aren't firms seeing more candidates come through?

TMap's job is to qualify applicants, and send you the highest quality of the lot. In order to qualify, candidates must:

  • Have relevant skills
  • Be out-of-state, and willing to move right now, which is further defined as willing to enter into the hiring process if the right role is found.  TMap's current strategy is to share "gettable candidates" rather than leads.
  • Either be a US citizen, or a permanent resident

    TMap has been sharing 3-4 candidates per week. We expect this volume to continue in the near-term, but will increase to ~8-9 per week as the year progresses. 

Can candidates identify with more than one job description/ role?

Yes, TMap works to share candidates with multiple job descriptions provided the candidate fits multiple roles' criteria.  TMap looks up and down from the job description role to see if the candidate would be eligible for more than one role. 

Can I view the candidates that require sponsorship?

Absolutely, upon request TMap shares the candidates that require sponsorship.  Simply email and we’ll include them for your firm.

Where are we seeing the most applications come from?

Illinois and Michigan have been particularly fertile ground, though TMap has seen applications come from Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, New York and Louisiana. There is broad interest in our great state!

How do I view talent?

  • For new users, you’ll need a unique access link to the TMap portal. To receive your access link, please email
  • For returning users, simply navigate to There, recent additions to your pipeline will be displayed under the “NEW” header.  Your previous selections will be displayed under the “interested” and “not interested” headers respectively.

What happens when I click the thumbs up/thumbs down?

The purpose of the portal is to share relevant talent, and determine which candidates with which you’d be interested in speaking.

  • If you click “thumbs up,” the TMap team is notified, and TMap will work to facilitate an introduction with the candidate. Further, it will move the candidate to your active pipeline wherein you can track progress, and coordinate with the TMap team.
  • If you click “thumbs down,” this will move the candidate to the “not interested” section, and the Tmap team is notified. The action can always be reversed.  Please feel free to share feedback with TMap regarding your lack of interest in a candidate by email at

Why am I seeing candidates that don't fall within my subscribed roles?

If industry-relevant candidates apply, but don’t fall into a role for which any company has subscribed, TMap will share the candidate with ALL companies.

What awareness do ACEC Indiana member firms have on candidate's progress for which we state an interest?

TMap will not share with ACEC Indiana subscribing firms candidates' phone interview status.  TMap will share with subscribing firms if the candidate they are interviewing has other in-person interviews.  TMap will share with subscribing firms if the candidate has received an offer from another firm.

Can I share my talent pipeline with others in my organization?

Yes! Click “share” under each pipeline, and you can send an invitation to link to anyone at your firm.

How can I see as a reminder what job descriptions my firm is subscribing to?

Email ACEC staff at or TMap at

How do I change the job postings?

If you would like to target new roles, you can make a change once every 90 days for your subscribed roles, or if you filled the role you were targeting. For further details, please email

Who do I contact with customer service questions?