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Who is TMap?

TMap is an Indiana technology company focused on bringing talent to the state of Indiana. TMap uses technology and state-of-the-art consumer marketing to find, engage and place top talent with our partners. Their proprietary platform maps an addressable talent pool and builds detailed profiles for each individual. TMap uses that data to engage the pool with highly-targeted, highly-personalized marketing campaigns, then match individual candidates with Indiana employers.

How is TMap Unique?


TMap uses big data and consumer marketing expertise to find, qualify and engage talented people, and bring them to the state of Indiana and our clients at scale.



How do I find out more about this workforce development opportunity?


ACEC and TMap hosted a Rollout Meeting on Sept. 17.  If you were unable to attend, watch the video capturing the specifics and live FAQs.  Be sure to have your firm's decision maker and hiring specialist review this to fully engage.




What are the costs associated with participation in this effort?


Firms may select a subscription plan based upon the number of roles they would like to promote within the 6-month commitment.  Firms can adjust their subscription plan only during enrollment period that precedes a 6-month commitment set parameter.  Firms will have an opportunity to trade out roles every 3 months or when the role is filled through the TMap partnership.  If a firm successfully places a candidate using the partnership process, the firm pays TMap an $8,000 placement fee.


If my firm is in, what can we expect next?

Click here for a downloadable Firm On-boarding Process Guide.


How many firm contacts does each participating member firm have with TMap?


Each firm will have a primary and secondary contact that liaison with TMap staff for the progression of the program.


What information is contained in the firm's profile?

  • Firm size of local office per office location
  • Disciplines per office location
  • Office location
  •  In-state firm vs regional or national
  • Firm culture
  • Perks/ benefits/ philanthropy?
  • Website (so candidate can check out more information)
  • Elevator pitch

How do I develop my firm's profile?


After a firm signs the MOU with ACEC Indiana and makes payment, the firm will be connect with TMap's Fulfillment Team.  Your firm will be supplied with a form to fill out your profile and submit available times to engage in a 15-30 minute phone call with a representative from the TMap Fulfillment Team to complete the profile building.


How are positions listed/ posted for each firm?


ACEC Indiana firms will be required to post their open positions in alignment with the ACEC Indiana Salary & Benefits Survey.  Note: for the PE job group, candidates will also be asked to select their discipline(s) of expertise from the following: Transportation, Bridge, Water Resources, Structural, M/E/P.  Click here to see the job descriptions listing to be used for TMap position postings.


When can participating firms expect to be presented with candidates?


If the firm met all on-boarding deadlines and is live with their profile and positions postings, firms can begin to see candidates potentially in November 2019.


What is the process for a candidate that fits more than one firm's job opening? Do you share the same candidate with multiple companies? 

Yes, multiple firms will be presented with a candidate if it's a match and interest for pursuit on both the candidate and firm's side.  The candidate will be the driver for how many firms he or she wishes to speak with/ interview with.  TMap and ACEC will not direct the candidates to any particular firm.  TMap will facilitate in-person interviews for the candidate.  The firm is still responsible for selling themselves to the candidate in hopes of hiring the candidate.  


Will a firm interviewing a candidate be made aware if the candidate is speaking/ interviewing with other firms?

Yes, TMap will tell the firms if the candidate is speaking/ interviewing with other firms.  However, in the interest of confidentiality, TMap will not share with the interviewing firm offers made by other firms or terms of those offers.

Who is responsible for paying fees associated with a candidate travelling to Indiana to interview?

TMap will reimburse a candidate for airfare up to $500 if they meet the following criteria: 1. They are conducting a second (or later) interview with a minimum of three (3) firms.  2. At least one (1) company has verbally notified TMap of their intention to make an offer to the candidate.

If a candidate does not meet the requirements above (conducting a first interview, meeting with less than three firms, etc.) TMap will manage the candidate's fees and invoice the firm(s).

Who is responsible for relocation fees for a successful hire?

Each firm is responsible for the relocation expense for each candidate successfully placed at their firm.

What if a candidate enters into the TMap funnel that my firm was in previous recruitment conversations with?


When your firm is made known of a candidate through TMap that you have previously reached out to regarding an employment opportunity, you must express one of the following to TMap within a week:

  • Yes, our firm is interested in the candidate.  Our firm was in previous active conversations with the candidate (firm assumes burden of proof for documented conversation in the last 90 days), but we are willing to pursue the candidate with TMap's assistance and pay the $8,000 placement fee if successful.
  • Yes, our firm is interested in the candidate.  Our firm was in previous active conversations with the candidate (firm assumes burden of proof for documented conversation in the last 90 days), and wants to engage TMap in a dialogue about progressing on this special case.
  • No, our firm is not interested in the candidate. 


What feedback is associated with my firm's' participation?  What can I expect to hear from candidates and how can I share my experiences with TMap?



What kind of agreement do ACEC Indiana member firms have?


Each subscribing firm will sign an MOU with ACEC, describing terms and protecting the firm.  Click here to view the MOU.


What information will be shared with participating ACEC Indiana member firms regarding the progress of the program?


Participating ACEC Indiana member firms can expect empirical data to be communicated on a monthly basis reporting # of candidates identified, # of candidates with active engagement, # of candidates interviewed, # of candidates placed at ACEC Indiana member firms.


What if my firm subscribes to the program and never places or interviews a candidate?


There is some risk involved with this innovative venture to recruit talent from outside of the state of Indiana.  An indirect benefit exists even if your firm doesn't place a candidate, if another firm is successful, that can sometimes prevent "poaching" from our own.  Also, engagement in this program positively impacts branding Indiana's image of having a strong economy, density of job opportunities, high quality of life, low cost of living and growing opportunities for diversity.  Lastly, investment in this program allows for a dedicated funding stream for ACEC Indiana to hire a staff person devoted to workforce development.


Is there an opportunity to participate outside of the timeline (Enrollment Sept. 20- Oct. 31, 2019 and Subscription Nov. 1, 2019- April 30, 2020)? For example, if a firm doesn't have an immediate hiring need, but may start looking for someone in January?

There will be an opportunity to participate at the next 6 month Subscription Period.  Enrollment will open by April 2020 for the next Subscription Period of May 1, 2020- Oct. 31, 2020.  In order to keep the engagement at a manageable level for ACEC and TMap, Enrollment is only open during specific periods of time for a 6 month Subscription Period.




Still have questions?  Submit online and we will connect you to a TMap team member to answer any firm- specific or outlying questions you may have.