QBS Committee
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Committee Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to spread the word of Quality Based Selection to designers, municipalities, and the public and to promote the use of QBS in procurement of A/E services statewide. 

Chair: George Watson

2019-20 ACEC Indiana Committee PDH Certification


2020-2021 Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 8-24-20



Local Government Survey Preliminary Results Regarding QBS 2020

QBS PowerPoint Presentation 2019

QBS Letter to Owner 2019-20

QBS E-Blast Annual Qualification Based Selection Award Winner, Town of Plainfield


QBS E-Blast Feb. 2020

QBS E-Blast Jan. 2020

Meeting Minutes Nov. 13, 2019

Meeting Minutes Aug. 7, 2019

QBS E-Blast Nov. 2019

QBS E-Blast Sept. 2019

QBS E-Blast July 2019

QBS E-Blast June 2019

QBS E-Blast May 2019

QBS E-Blast March 2019

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Qualifications Based Selection One Sheet 101

QBS E-Blast December 2018

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QBS Meeting Minutes August 14, 2018

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Nov. 7, 2017 Meeting Minutes

QBS E- Blast November 2017

QBS Booth at IACC Conference 2017

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QBS Booth at AIM Conference 2017 

Meeting Minutes Aug. 2, 2017

QBS E- Blast August 2017

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QBS E-Blast February 2017

Meeting Minutes Jan. 19, 2017

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Meeting Minutes Sept. 29, 2016

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January 7, 2016 Meeting Minutes 

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Oct. 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes 

QBS E-Blast October 2015

QBS E-Blast September 2015

July 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes 

QBS Talking Points

QBS Letter to Owner

QBS- A Better Value 

Managing Risk and Cost

Success -It's in Your Hands


QBS Promotion Form

Please alert QBS Indiana if any local municipality includes price consideration into the selection process.  Note: Price should not be given until the consultant is selected for the provision of service and negotiations are entered into to establish fee.

Submit any local that asks for price and ACEC Indiana will send a letter with information promoting QBS to a specific individual representing that local.  This submission is completely anonymous.  We appreciate your feedback.