INDOT Committee
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The INDOT committee serves as the liaison between ACEC Indiana members and INDOT staff. 

Chair: Toby Randolph
Indiana Department of Transportation: Local Programs 
Twitter: @INDOTLocal

 2018-19 ACEC Indiana Committee PDH Certification


Indiana Transportation Team Resources

Indiana Transportation Team Leadership Rally Group Responses

Greenfield District Steering Committee Meeting (9/25/19) Notes

360 District Meetings Feedback

Indiana Transportation Team Charter

Indiana Transportation Team Steering Committees


Updated INDOT Investment Charts

INDOT, Consultants and Contractors Collaboration Study

INDOT Strategic Plan

Mission Vision Values Poster

INDOT Strategic Priorities Poster

INDOT Hourly Rate Adjustment effective July 1


 Meeting Minutes

ACEC- INDOT Committee Meeting Minutes 10-24-19

ACEC- INDOT Committee Meeting Minutes 8-22-19

ACEC- INDOT Committee Meeting Minutes 4-18-19

ACEC- INDOT Committee Meeting Minutes 12-20-18

ACEC- INDOT Committee Meeting Minutes 10-18-18

ACEC- INDOT Committee Meeting Minutes 8-16-18



Traffic Standards Subcommittee Meeting Notes 9-18-19

BIC Matters: Updated INDOT Charts, Tolling Study and Legislative News

State of Indiana Move Over Day Proclamation  

Next Level Indiana Local Projects Maps

INDOT Construction Memos- 17-15, 17-16

INDOT-ACEC Bridge Inspection Committee Meeting Minutes 11-16-17

INDOT Standards Committee Meeting Minutes Final Draft 9-21-17

Letter from Brandye Hendrickson

INDOT Conflict of Interest *with IACT update*

INDOT Communities

ACEC and ICI Letter to Commissioner Hendrickson regarding P3 Design Build and Best Value Concerns

INDOT Commissioner Brandye Hendrickson Transportation Funding Message

Response Letter from INDOT Related to Capacity and Lump Sums

INDOT Performance Data Calculation Change 

ACEC INDOT LPA Meeting Minutes Dec. 10, 2015 

INDOT Gift Giving Policy 

ACEC INDOT Committee Notes 11-20-15

ACEC INDOT LPA Meeting Minutes 9-1-15

ACEC INDOT Committee Notes 08-19-15

ACEC INDOT Committee Notes 4-23-15 

ACEC INDOT Committee Notes 2-19-15

ACEC Recommendations on SAA and Local Office Points

ACEC INDOT Meeting Notes 11-18-14

ACEC INDOT LPA Meeting Minutes 9-26-14