Environmental Business Committee
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The Environmental Business Committee serves as the liaison with IDEM and ACEC members as well as plans annual Environmental Business Conference. 

Chairman: Bob Page

2018-19 ACEC Indiana Environmental Business Committee PDH Certification

Issuance of New General NPDES Permit for Temporary Discharges of Wastewater

On Friday we will officially issue the new General NPDES Permit ING420000 for Temporary Discharges.  This is set to become effective on April 1, 2020. 


Applicability and Implementation of IC 13-18-26 for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Storm Water Management Task Force Report Fall 2019

Environmental Business & Funding Sources Conference PowerPoint Presentations

 Session Topic Speaker
 Indiana Legislative Focus on Water Infrastructure  Dennis Faulkenberg & Laurie Mauldin 
 IFA Updates on SEA 4 and Other Initiatives
 Sarah Hudson      
 The PFAS Tsunami- A Dive Into the Current Wave of     Issues Facing the Clean Water Community   Emily Remmel
 Indiana Bond Band  Brian Carman
 Marine Debris, Microplastics, and Impacts on Water   Resources  Sarah Zack
 Dollars and Cents: Ways to Save and be More   Resourceful to the Last Drop  Rochelle Owen
 SRF Funding/ Program Update and SRF Incentives &   Processes  Camille Meiners
 Luncheon Speaker- State of Water Infrastructure &   Innovative Funding   Lynn Schloesser,   ACEC National
 Where We Are Today: Cured in Place Pipe Lining   (CIPP) Chemical Emissions and Safety  Andrew Whelton
 IDEM Update  Paul Higginbotham
 Rules 5/6/13 Conversion to General Permits   Mary Atkins
 OCRA Update  Eric Ogle
 Closing Session- Duty to Defend Law: Update your   contracts  Kristen Walker


IDEM-IFA Briefing Minutes May 29, 2019

IDEM-IFA Briefing Minutes March 6, 2019

IDEM Briefing Meeting Minutes Dec. 20, 2018  

IDEM Briefing Meeting Minutes Sept. 14, 2018

CSO Public Notification Elements Checklist 

SEA 362 

ACEC Indiana Environmental Business Committee IDEM and IFA Briefing Meeting 5.16.18

ACEC Indiana Environmental Business Committee IDEM and IFA Briefing Meeting 02.21.18

ACEC Indiana Environmental Business Committee IDEM and IFA Briefing Meeting 11.15.2017

Meeting Minutes Sept. 6, 2017

IDEM GWUDI Guidance Document - Sept. 2017 

Rule 5 Draft Permit ACEC Response Letter and Subsequent Content

Meeting Minutes Feb. 15,2017

Meeting Minutes Nov. 22, 2016

IFA's Evaluation of Indiana's Water Utilities Report 

Indiana University's Financial Needs for Water Funding in Indiana

IDEM and Indiana SRF Briefing May 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes

IDEM Surface Water Operations and Enforcement Branch Wetlands and Storm Water Section Storm Water Program

Planning for Indiana Water Needs in the Future, Vince Griffin

CSO Lessons Learned, Jerry Dittmer and Paul Higginbotham

West Virginia Spill and Surface Water Facility Resilience, Andrew Whelton

Renewable Energy Policy & Impact on Business, Rich Simmons

IDEM Update, Bruno Pigott

SRF Update and WRRDA Compliance Guidance Interpretation, Camille Meiners

GMP Alt Delivery Methods, Mike Cline and Steve Nutt

Environmental Business Conference 2015 Survey 

Meeting Minutes Feb. 18, 2015

Meeting Minutes Sept. 29, 2014

IDEM/ SRF Update, Bruno Pigott

Water Quality & Quantity: Future Needs and Impact on State Policy, Bob Holden

Toyota Sustainable Business Practices In Use Today, Bill Johnson

Funding Climate Change Resilience and Mitigation Projects, Andrew Bielanski

In Lieu Fees for Wetland Mitigation, Carl Wodrich