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ACEC Indiana Committee Organization Chart and Descriptions


Committee Appointments

·         Please click on and review the image below "Pathway to Leadership" to determine if you are ready to request a position on an ACEC Indiana Committee.

·         Please click on the image above to find the committee in which you may best serve.  Descriptions of all committees are found on the second page of this document.

·         Communicate to your firm’s primary contact your desired committee requests.  Primary contacts will submitting these requests by the end of April.

·         Committee appointments are determined by the Executive Committee and members will be notified of positions in late May.


For your reference, click on the "ACEC Indiana Pathway to Leadership" guide below for suggested actions that improve selection for committee appointments.



**Note: Committee assignments will be made with due consideration for interest, experience, attendance, performance and continuity.  Generally, assignments are made to allow for no more than three one-year terms.  If someone from your firm currently serves on a committee, they must request to continue serving on that committee.