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ACEC Indiana has created forums to connect member firm employees with specific functional responsibilities network with peers at other member firms. 

Each forum will meet once a year in-person to discuss industry issues.  There will be an opportunity to communicate throughout the year on a special forum portal for registered members.  If you are involved in multiple roles at your firm, you are welcome to sign up for multiple forums.  ACEC Indiana members can involve as many personnel as they wish in each forum and can send multiple personnel to each meeting.  Please see list of available forums below.



Through ACEC's Finance Forum, professionals are connected once a year to a network of their peers. Professionals share best practices for consulting engineering firms, discuss problems and solutions, gain valuable insights into industry trends, and network with each other.

Finance Forum Meeting Notes 2017

Finance Forum Meeting Notes 2018


Human Resources

Through ACEC's HR Forum, professionals will meet once a year structured for networking with peers at consulting engineering firms. Facilitators develop a basic agenda with input from participants and address emerging trends and problem solving in the workplace.

HR Forum Meeting Notes 2018

HR Forum Meeting Notes 2019


Information Technology

Through ACEC's IT Forum, professionals gather once a year to share state-of-the art tips with their peers at consulting engineering firms about managing firms' software and hardware systems. Forum members pose questions and generate discussions that provide valuable insights and solutions for IT problems.

IT Forum Meeting Notes 2017

IT Forum Meeting Notes 2018


Legal Counsel
Through ACEC's Legal Counsel Forum, counsel to ACEC member firms will meet once a year and share information about contracts, risk management and other legal issues facing engineering companies and best practices for consulting engineering firms. 

Legal Forum Meeting Notes 2018

Legal Forum Meeting Notes 2019


Project Management
Through ACEC's Project Management Forum, professionals who aspire to firm leadership will meet once a year and have an interactive online community to share best practices for consulting engineering firms. 

Project Management Presentation 2018

Project Management Meeting Notes 2019

Please sign up for your desired forum below.  Please share this link with others from your firm who would benefit from inclusion in this opportunity.  Note: ACEC Indiana membership is by firm, so ALL employees at your firm are members of ACEC Indiana and therefore eligible to participate.